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👉🏼 Is it an EA, a manual strategy, or an indicators ?

No, it is not a fully automated forex trading robot that trades on the MT4 platform. We provides non-repainted Forex Turtlefxea Signals for manual trading with auto trading.

👉🏼To start trading with Forex Turtlefxea, what do I need?

A PC with a reliable internet connection or a low-cost Windows VPS are required.

👉🏼What is the safest amount of money to start trading with Forex TurtlefxeaEA?

You can safely start with as little as $200 (Recommend $500) only with 1.00 lot size. ( Only Cent Account )

👉🏼What is the monthly return percentage on average?

👉🏼Forex Profitable Turtlefxea makes an average profit of over 50% per month. It depends on you.
Because, if you come out of the market at the first entry, then you can make more profit ( 50% To 300% )
You will be given many good indicators to make a profit .

👉🏼Is Take Profit and Stop Loss used by Forex Turtlefxea ?

Yes, Turtlefxea forex trading robot makes proper use of Take Profit, Stop Loss, Any take profit hit then close all trade .

👉🏼What is the maximum number of trades that EA can open at one time ?

Turtle Forex Trading Ea will not take any trade until you open the trade.If you open a trade and you lose, you will trade to recover your loss. Turtle Forex Robot will close the open trades anyway .

👉🏼Is the Turtlefxea Forex EA’s money management automated?

No, the Turtle Forex Ea includes no automatic money management. Full guide line will be given after you purchase .

👉🏼Is it possible to run this EA during newscasts?

BIt is possible to make a good profit during the news . It’s entirely up to you, but make sure you use proper Stop Loss to safeguard your orders.

👉🏼How much can a trader lose ( draw-down ) in a single day?

Trading losses (draw-down) range from 20% to 30%.

👉🏼Is it possible to use Turtle Forex EA on multiple MT4 accounts?

No, with packages, only one Real and one Demo account license is available.
You can mql4 purchase extra copies for your other MT4 accounts or buy . mql4 file .

👉🏼Is it possible to trade manually with Turtle Forex EA?

Yes, there is a manual trading option.

👉🏼Is Turtle Forex EA available for free trial or demo?

Yes, the Packages include a free Demo account license.
There is no separate trial or demo offered by the company.

👉🏼Are there any extra hidden charges for Turtle Forex EA?

No, finally it’s a one-time purchase. No any extra hidden charges.

👉🏼What payment methods do you use ?

Currently, we accept BitCoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money , Skrill , Neteller , ( manual )

👉🏼When will I receive the Turtle Fx EA after making a payment?

Instantly, check your email for download link.

👉🏼What kinds of services do you offer to your clients?

We provide 24/7 TeamViewer Anydesk remote support .